Direcció General d’Ordenació, Innovació i Formació Professional Servei d’Ensenyament de Llengües Estrangeres i Programes Exteriors (SELEPE), Spain

General Management of Renovation, Innovation and Vocational Training           
Department of Foreign Languages Teaching and International Programmes



The SELEPE department is an administrative unit responsible for promoting the international dimension in the schools of the Balearic Islands through the participation in European projects such as Comenius and Grundtvig partnerships and school exchanges.

We contribute to higher students foreign language competence with the implementation of various initiatives such as:

  • Providing in-service training in methodology for foreign language teachers.
  • Organizing CLIL courses both at home and abroad for teachers of non-linguistic areas involved in CLIL projects.
  • Organizing foreign language courses for teachers to enable them to participate in international partnerships and CLIL projects.
  • Monitoring CLIL projects at more than 150 schools involved in CLIL projects (Primary, Secondary and Vocational Training schools).
  • Providing schools with foreign language assistants to improve students oral competence.
  • Promoting the implementation of the European Portfolio for Languages in schools.
  • Fostering e-Twinning projects and training.

During the last years, the Department has been taking part in different European initiatives such as the organization of two study visits (2009-2010) on CLIL projects, contact seminars in Palma (one for Comenius projects in 2008 and one for Grundtvig in 2010) and the coordination of a Comenius-Regio project.