University of Cordoba, Spain

The University of Córdoba (UCO) has 16.000 students and offers 36 degrees. It is a well-reputed university in research and with an increasing international projection. In the year 2009 it was ranked among the first public universities in Spain, and in the same year the Spanish Ministry of Education appointed it International Campus of Excellence.

The activities of personnel from this University include:

  • During the period 2006-2009 the University of Córdoba was counseling the regional govern- ment in Andalucía to design and implement teacher-training programs on multilingualism and   CLIL;
  • Members of this university are still actively involved in training teachers in bilingual schools in  the areas of CLIL methodology and curricular design;
  • The UCO participates in the Advisory Committee of Linguistic Policy in Andalucía;
  • It offers a Master’s Degree in plurilingual programmes and CLIL (there are only two in Andalucía).