Snöball Film AS, Norway

Snöball Film AS is one of Norway’s leading production companies specialising in educational films. The company was established in 2000 and employs today 16 persons. Some of the film series are produced for teachers as “best practise”-films, other series are more traditional educational films meant for use in the classroom. Several of the films have been funded by the Ministry of Education. Other series have been produced in collaborated with the Norwegian Centre for Foreign Languages in Education, the Norwegian Centre for Science Education, the Norwegian Centre for Mathematics Education among others. Snöball has previously participated in one EU-project, KROSSS, engaged as film production company;

The expertise of the Snöball staff includes:

  • Professional film production services with producers, directors, cameraman, editors, designer
  • Documenting pedagogical processes through film
  • Communicating knowledge through film
  • Collaboration with universities and teacher colleges about in-service-training
  • Collaboration with teachers and schools to highlight their pedagogical practises
  • Wide experience in making films in different languages and cultures


The role of Snöball Film in this project will be to adapt and document good CLIL-practise in films. The films will function as valuable documentation of the CORE-project and will be used as resources in the planned CORE-courses and in in-service-training. Also the films will be free resources for other schools and teachers available from the CORE-website.