Viesoji istaiga Alytaus jaunimo centras, Lithuania

Alytus youth centre is a multi-profile school, providing informal education for children, youngsters and adults. Alytus youth centre with its activities, functions and mission is dynamic, interesting, multiple and creative and open to the whole Alytus community.

PI AJC employs 72 staff: 50 teachers and 17 household staff.

AYC is well known and appreciated not just in the town but also abroad. Young and talented specialists work for AYC.

AYC has:

  • A high intellectual potential
  • Developed various project activities
  • Strong material facilities
  • Local and international cooperation links
  • High appreciation within the community
  • Great space for youth self-expression
  • Teachers with will to improve their professional qualifications

Working on the CORE project we expect to gain new knowledge and outlook on content and language integrated learning in various institutions. We would like to share our own knowledge and practice with the partners also.

Activities provided:  Art; Art-ceramics; Appliqué, decoration, toy making; Layout design; descrip-tive graphics; Keyboard instruments; Break; Vocal studio “Ladybird”; Modern dance studio “Vijola”; Rhythmic dance studio “Surprise”; Self-defence studio; Dance studio ,”Rūta“; Video editing of TV programmes; studio of artistic photography; Sewing; English language; Young journalists; Ballroom dancing; Piano, violin, guitar and accordion classes; Ballet studio; Chorus; Song and dance ensemble ,”Tarškutis”; Children’s folk ensemble “Kupolėlis”; Sport dance studio “Vėtrungė”; Youth council – VOLUNTEERS;