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Film from Kastellet, Norway, 2009
Social Sciences in English


Astronomy: The Solar System

This project is part of a second year module of the CLIL Science/Technology Project at IC Bassa Atesin – Scuola Media G. Mameli Salorno. The class 2 A studied the different elements in our galaxy, using on and off line resources. The task for the group was to prepare a presentation in order to present a workshop for 1. class (secondary) and 5. class of primary school with interactive activities.

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Here you can watch a short presentation which explains the story of the birth of the Dolomites. The story is performed by a second year of the IC Predazzo, Tesero, Panchià, Ziano primary school and the voices are by the fifth year, class V B. It has been realized as a CLIL module in Science, in occasion of the project-meeting visit in Italy of the CORE delegation in October 2013.



This project is part of a third year module of the CLIL Geography curriculum of IC Predazzo, Tesero, Panchià, Ziano.

The class III A had to study and analyse some biomes using on and off line resources. The task for the pairs was to prepare a presentation of two or three slides about each biome assigned.


Here you can read the e-book about Natural Disasters produced by the students of class III D of IC Predazzo, Tesero, Panchià, Ziano (Italy) during their third year of CLIL in Geography. It is a description of some natural disasters that occur in the world under specific weather conditions. You can read how these disasters affect people and what are the things that people can do to avoid or reduce damages. The project is also a nice example of CLIL task for 13/14 year-old students and anyone can freely use it as a starting point for a CLIL project at school.



In this e-book you can find useful information about the United Nations and how this international organization works. It is a third year CLIL project for lower secondary students which can be taken as an example of CLIL task. The e-book has been realized by the students of class IIIB of IC Predazzo, Tesero; Panchià; Ziano (Italy) during their CLIL lessons in Geography. It is important for young people to have a clear idea of what the UN does for maintaining peace and security in our world. The problems within countries are always so complex that sometimes the existance of an international body like the United Nations and its aims can guarantee stability and security for all the people.



This project was carried out by second-year Italian students (aged 11-12) of Tesero lower secondary school, Trentino, Italy.

It was conceived in order to offer the CORE delegates – on occasion of their Italian meeting, October 9th – 11th, 2013 – an idea of the Dolomitic landscape with particular attention to its naturalistic, faunistic and geological aspects. This project has been called CLIL in action because the students actually performed their knowledge pretending to be guides of the delegate groups. The language is English and the subject is Science.

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We are second year students of IC Predazzo, Tesero, Panchià, Ziano (age 11-12). We wrote this mini-guide during afternoon lessons on Thursday from October to January 2011/2012 and our course was called “Nordic World Ski Championship 2013 – English section”. We dedicate this little book to all the tourists and athletes who wants to come to the valley in occasion of the Nordic World Ski Championship 2013. The language of the project is English and the subject is Geography.

This guide was published in 2013 with the identification n. ISBN 978-88-90-7050-5-2 BY Biemme editrice.


CLIL guitar lesson

The teacher Saulius Sukys at Alytus youth centre and his class present a guitar lesson in English.

Musical CLIL-lessons


Nine European Countries

A CLIL module in Geography and English realized by lower secondary students in Predazzo about European countries: Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Norway, Romania, Greece, Ireland and Lithuania.


Result of the project:

An e-book about the result of a project work providing fact files, Power Point presentations, pie grams and personal comments of students about the nine European countries.


Resource Kit for teachers

An e-book that explains what kind of work, scaffolding, planning, evaluation, etc. had been done behind the project Nine European Countries.



Video about CLIL

The video shows how teachers plan lessons and delivered them and the students work. It is 12-year-old students (second year lower secondary) and the subject is Geography in English.


The captures of the eleven sequences of the video clip:

  1. Module about MIGRATION – lesson: Countries and nationalities.
  2. Teaching team lesson planning: Ethnic minorities in a country. The team is made of 2 Geography teachers + 2 English teachers.
  3. Module about MIGRATION  – lesson: Nationalities.
  4. Teaching team lesson planning: Pull and push factors for migration, percentage of foreign people in a country and compare minorities between countries.
  5. Module about MIGRATION – Computer room lesson: An interactive tour on Ellis Island with worksheet. Pair work.
  6. Module about MIGRATION – group work lesson: Giving instructions.
  7. Teaching team lesson planning: Written classwork preparation.
  8. Module about MIGRATION: Feedback lesson.
  9. Module about THE EUROPEAN UNION -computer room lesson: European member states, European Union games, ethnic groups in 13 European countries (giving instructions for poster with data). Pair work.
  10. Self evaluation: Classwork evaluation, lesson evaluation, module evaluation.
  11. Parents evaluation.

The video




Norwegian athletes

A PowerPoint work connected with three interviews of Norwegian athletes during a pre-Championship competition in Predazzo in January 2012. The work is realized by lower secondary students in Predazzo. The students have written letters to imaginary friends and compared athletes.


PowerPoint with letters

Interviews with Anette Sagen

Interviews with Maren Sundby

Interviews with Synne Steen Hansen


Athletes biography

Two institutions - IC Predazzo, Tesero, Panchià, Ziano and IC Bassa Atesina - of the two different provinces, Trento and Bolzano-Bozen from the same region, Trentino-Südtirol are glad to present an album of athletes biographies. The aim of this project has been clear from the beginning of the 2012/13 school year: to enhance useful skills in the English language, Computer studies, Geography, and Sport. The result is a collection of athletes biographies, all involved in the Nordic World Ski Championships 2013 in Fiemme Valley. The champions are divided in three categories: cross-country skiing, ski-jumping and nordic combined.