Istituto Comprensivo Predazzo-Tesero-Panchà-Ziano, Italy

Istituto Comprensivo Predazzo-Tesero-Panchà-Ziano is a comprehensive school located in the northern Italian autonomous province of Trento with 4 primary schools and 2 lower secondary schools. There are about 500 pupils, 80 teachers and 16 support staff. IC Predazzo-Tesero-Panchià-Ziano participates for the first time in an EU-project, but has been involved in lots of projects with CLIL and school exchanges with European countries. Personnel at IC Predazzo-Tesero-Panchià-Ziano have many years experience in CLIL teaching.

The expertise of the staff includes:
Educational innovation
Collaboration with universities
Co-ordination of internal pedagogical initiatives
Advising pupils, teachers, parents
Operating  in a district network “Rete di Fiemme-Fassa-Cembra”

The responsible teacher-coordinators will co-ordinate activities and maintain contact with the stakeholders of the project in the school, will ensure completion and collation of all the docu-ments required for the project. The ICT expert will give a frame to the preparatory work and the out put products of the training course organized by the two institutions IC Bassa Atesina and IC Predazzo, Tesero, Panchià, Ziano.The Secretary (Finance) will administer the accounts for the project within the institution, will collect and co-ordinate all travel receipts and tickets and will arrange re-imbursement of costs incurred by project staff. The secretary will certify the accounts as correct and the accounting records will be subject to final scrutiny by appointed auditors from the district Departement of Education.